Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Daily video: 23.06.2010

This video is from Richard Dimitri's 2007 seminar in Sydney.

While demonstrating his Shredder concept, Rich was asked how well it would work against a grappler. Never one to let words alone prove his point, Rich asked the most experienced grappler in the room, our own Joe Saunders, to do a live, no-compliance drill with him. The drill would be that Joe had to submit Rich doing anything he wanted, while Rich would only use the Shredder concept. After a highly unsuccessful Round 1, Joe had a second chance in Round 2, this time starting standing up. Despite managing to catch Rich with a hip throw which badly aggravated an old shoulder injury, Rich continued fighting and would have removed Joe from his sight had it been a real altercation. Watch for yourself!

This is a great example of the survival mentality that I referred to in the recent article "Permission to Survive." Despite being taken by surprise, put in a disadvantageous position with a much larger person on top of him, and suffering a serious injury, Rich continued to fight and survive. There's a lesson in that for all of us.

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